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November 14, 2015 – Fresno, CA – Letter to the Honorable Pauline Carmona, Consul General de France in the San Francisco French Consulate.

Honorable Pauline Carmona,

The Alliance Française de Fresno joins the French Consulate of San Francisco, France, the French people, the world’s Francophiles, and all lovers of peace and freedom, in mourning the devastating loss of so many lives, forever destroyed in Paris last night.

Yet another time this year, we find ourselves in total shock as the world watched the merciless horror that took place in our beloved French capital. Before the eyes of the world, well trained, organized, and brainwashed fanatics murdered anyone in their path, with the sole purpose of killing as many as they could, before detonating their own suicide vests to further destroy the lives of anyone around them.

Within hours of the horrendous massacres, the Islamic State claimed full responsibility for the horrifying and indiscriminate attacks in Paris, in a repugnant message sent out to the world. Earlier today, President Hollande pronounced a speech that will resonate into history, unequivocally clarifying the stark reality that France is now at war against an army of terrorists. Those words were carefully chosen to indicate the French resolve and decision to relentlessly fight its aggressors.

Stunned as we are, we stand tall and determined against the barbarians who dared attack France. May the forces of good and love of humanity prevail.

Frédéric Martin
Alliance Française de Fresno


NB: A Minute of silence to be observed at noon, Monday November 16 at the Alliance Française de Fresno, 4747 North First Street, Suite 103, Fresno, CA 93726.