October 19: Iqaluit

Iqaluit movie poster

Discussant: Benoît Pilon, director and screen writer, via Skype

In Iqaluit by  French-Canadian director Benoît Pilon, Carmen travels for the first  time to Iqaluit, the capital of Canada’s newest, largest and  northernmost territory. Her husband Gilles has been gravely injured and  she wants to be at his bedside. Trying to find out how her husband  sustained his injuries, she grows closer to Noah, an Inuk (or Eskimo)  friend of Gilles and soon comes to understand that their dramas are  deeply intertwined. What happened? What is Noah’s involvement in these  events? Will Carmen be able to find the answers to her questions? In  French, Inuktitut and English, with English subtitles. 102 minutes.  

Sponsors:  The French Program, the Department of Modern & Classical Languages  & Literatures & The Alliance Française de Fresno.

Pizza Apéritif Dînatoire

Fresh vegetable and pepperoni pizza on a wooden slab.

Saturday October 27th. Join us for a pizza apéritif for only $5.00.  Two pieces of pizza one glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage. Practice your French & join in the fun! Purchase admission below or at the door.

Pizza Aperitif Admission - $5.00


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