French Book Club

Cheri Discussion in August, led by Denise Ulrich

 The  AFF book club has chosen "Cheri" by the incomparable French author  Collette. Get a copy now and start reading for our discussion in August.  The summary from the dual language version on Amazon describes the  novel as such: "Published when the author, like her heroine, was in her  late 40s,  Chéri  is  a delicate analysis of a May-December romance. The story of a love  affair between Léa, a still-beautiful 49-year-old ex-courtesan, and  Chéri,  a  handsome but selfish young man 30 years her junior, it offers a superb  study of age and sexuality, written in a personal style that reveals the  author's keen powers of observation." There are many French versions  and English translations available. Amazon also has a dual language  French-English side-by-side version. (Collette pictured left)