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The Alliance Française de Fresno is pleased to announce that we are offering
up to 5 scholarships ranging from $350-$750 for high school students of French and
up to 3 scholarships ranging from $1000-$1500 for college students of French.

For criteria and exact information, download the applications below.


  Scholarship Application for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS
  Scholarship Application for COLLEGE STUDENTS


OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF GRADES– Please enclose an official transcript of your grades with your application:


PERSONAL STATEMENT -– Please provide a typed description of yourself, indicating past experiences and achievements relating to French.  Indicate how you plan to further develop and apply these skills in the future.  The AFF Selection Committee considers your personal statement of special importance.


PLEASE NOTE: Mail the complete packet (application form, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, and official transcript) to

AFF Scholarship Chair: Scholarship Chair, L'Alliance Française de Fresno, 6113 E. Liberty Ave., Fresno, CA 93727 to be received no later than March 14, 2015