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Here are some great French-themed links which might be helpful

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

Tennessee Bob's page is a "webliothèque" which lists resources on the web for all things francophone, from history to education to tourism to navigating the francophone internet. Sponsored by the University of Tennessee at Martin, it has been collecting sites for over ten years!

For Teachers
The BBC's website ( is not just dedicated to its programming. It is also a resource for education in a broad range of subjects.

For Students
BBC Languages (
Here students of languages can check out video and audio of real French speakers in action, and other short brush-up activities.

Practicing French Skills Online
Excuse My French! (
This site is based on a BBC reality show where people at various levels of French have to struggle to improve while living in France. Though the show has not made it to America, the quizzes on the site are entertaining to try.

Travel Websites     


Other links to other types of online practice
Test Your French (
Are you a beginner? Or completely fluent? A correct answer on this test will generate more challenging questions.