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2013-2014 Alliance Française de Fresno Board Members


Our board members are dedicated to bringing Fresno a stellar line-up of Francophone oriented lectures, classes, and activities. Last season included the sponsorship of several very successful events in cooperation with the Phillip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concerts and Fresno Filmworks, among others. This year, we are co-sponsoring lectures and bus trips with both the Fresno Art Museum and the Fresno County Public Library.


Larry Roselle, President
Norman Stokle, Vice-President
Ellie Stokle, Treasurer
Camilla Colby
Richard Crossman
Celeste DeMonte
John Hord
Bob Mallek
Frederic Martin
Colleen Mitchell
Chantal Sagouspe
Anne Ybarra
Stephenie Frederic, Volunteer Recording Secretary