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Classes are usually offered evenings during the week. The classes meet for two hours, once a week for 10 weeks. Pre-registration is required.


AFF School: Learning Objectives and Outcomes


Beginning I: You will be able to spell, count, tell time, greet someone and introduce

yourself ; give the date and time; explain why you’re learning French; ask simple questions; express likes and dislikes; give basic information, such as your name, address, phone number; profession, nationality, and age. 

Writing: You will be able to write a short description of yourself and a short text about your family.


Beginning II: You will be able to describe your day; talk about weekend activities; give orders and follow instructions; give advice or opinion on a subject; express how frequently you do things; describe objects and give money value to them; describe a person’s clothing; understand expressions related to shopping.

Writing: You will be able to write a journal entry describing an event and write a short letter requesting a service.


Beginning III: You will be able to express your feelings and desires; invite someone to an event; explain the main points of a short text and give your opinion; describe someone in detail; accept or refuse a proposal.

Writing: You will be able to write and reply to emails and write a formal letter.
You will be able to use the following tenses: the present, the past, and the future.


Intermediate I: You will be able to discuss familiar situations encountered in daily life, work, school and leisure pursuits; express personal ideas and opinions; handle situations likely to arrive when traveling.

Writing: You will be able to write about an event in the news; write about a childhood memory; describe an object and how it works.


Intermediate II: You will be able to explain a series of facts; defend your viewpoint; describe the main idea in a document; tell about your future plans; make an oral presentation; and prepare a written report

Writing: You will be able to write comments on a limited range of subjects; express viewpoints on topical issues; write a letter of complaint or appreciation.


Intermediate III: You will be able to understand the main points of a French radio news program; explain and justify your opinions; express preferences in cuisine, travel, pastimes; participate in a debate on topical subjects.

Writing: You will be able to write a short, detailed article about your travels; summarize a text or short story.


You will be able to express yourself in French using the subjunctive and all the basic tenses including the imperfect, the conditional present and past, the pluperfect, and the future anterior.


Advanced I and II: These courses are designed to help students retain their speaking, reading, and writing skills in French; to express themselves using all the moods and tenses in French; and to extend their range of vocabulary, grammar usage, and idiomatic expression in French. The emphasis is on conversation and discussion, and texts are drawn from current magazines and other topical sources.


Schedule for the Spring Session:  June 9-August 15, 2014  




French for Travelers
8 weeks
Friday 5:30-7:30 Frederic Martin Windham
Intermediate French I
10 weeks
Tuesday, 5:30-7:30 Frederic Martin Orchard Park
Advanced French II
5 week mini session
Wednesday, 5:30-7:30 Norman Stokle Orchard Park



Orchard Park, library/game room 675 W. Alluvial (at Willow)  Clovis
Windham, library room, 2nd floor   1100 E. Spruce Ave.  Fresno
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church   5140 N. Fruit Ave.  Fresno
Private Residences: Contact Director:


Wednesday French for Children
5-Week mini session

Teacher:      May Choua Vang Venue: Orchard Park
Level 1         7-9 year-olds 11am-12pm  10-12 year-olds 12-1pm 
Level 2         7-9 year-olds 10-11am  



Adult-level courses: $170 for a 10-week session, 20 hours
French for Travelers: $140 for an 8-week session, 16 hours

Advanced French II: 5 Week Mini Course $85
Private Lessons: $50
Semi-Privale Lessons (2 students): $25
Class materials can be purchased on the first day of class.




5 Week Mini Course: $55

There is no registration fee, but AFF membership is required of all students.  AFF fees vary: $5 for full-time students; $30 for individuals; $40 for a family. Membership runs from September to August. September is renewal time.


Class Format
Enter selected class
Week day and Teacher's Name

Refunds: Tuition fees are refundable if a class is canceled or if a written request to discontinue is received by the second class meeting. No refund will be given after the second class meeting.

FOR INFORMATION on which class to take (Placement Test is available), contact Jennifer Dupras, or call AFF message phone, 559-227-9850

TO REGISTER: Fees are payable at the time of registration. Mail the registration form below with your check made out to Alliance Francaise of Fresno and mail to Jennifer Dupras, 2881 18th Ave., Kingsburg, CA, 93631.


To print out the registration form, click here